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Matrisoft Engineering and Investment

Matrisoft Engineering and Investment is a Ghanaian technology company registered in 2012.
We focus primarily on the provision of all IT related products, solutions, and electronic gadgets. We have a vigorous corporate skilled team that is tasked to oversee all activities with regards to purchases and after-sales related issues to our clients. We thrive on our passion for technology.

Due to improved technology in our contemporary world, we get our team abreast with Morden technology and improving our products, services, skills and attitude in order.

Our Mission

To provide quality IT consultancy, promote business opportunities, and centralization of information at our client’s convenience…

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Empower every Individual and Organization to achieve more through Information Technology and Investment opportunities. We strive to create and provide local opportunity, growth, and impact in every country around the world

Core Values

We place our customers and employees at the centre of our operations. We strongly believe that the way to developing and achieving our goals and sustainability is through hiring and maintaining quality people who in turn keep and make our customers happy

What Our Clients Say

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